Recruiting Video Services powered by 6-4-3

WHAT: A service whereby a high-quality, succinct recruitment video is created entirely in-house, showcasing the athleticism, ability, arm strength, and fundamentals of 6-4-3 DP Baseball Academy players, made available to college coaches et al., via a dedicated “6-4-3 DP Baseball” YouTube page. This video will be linked to the athlete’s biography that is posted on the website. 

WHEN: Small-group (ca. 4-8 players) clinic days by position (IF, C, P, etc.) offered in the fall so as to capitalize on the athlete being in peak baseball shape. Clinics will be roughly 90-120 minutes in length. We are planning on conducting multiple sessions during Cobb County Schools Fall Break, and in early November. Call the office @ 678.354.3199 to schedule

HOW: Tailored drills planned and executed by 6-4-3 staff intended to show the athleticism and skill of each player.

  • Infielders
    • Ground balls to front hand, back hand
    • DP’s
    • Throws across the diamond
    • Slow rollers
  • Outfielders
    • Fly-ball/ground-ball footwork
    • Throws to bases
    • Reverse pivot
  • Baserunning (optional)
    • Home to 1st base 
  • Catchers
    • Receiving
    • Blocking
    • Pop-time to 2nd
    • Throw to 1st/3rd (un-timed)
  • Pitchers
    • Rear view of all pitches
    • Side view to showcase mechanics
  • Hitting
    • Front toss and BP in a cage with side and front view

n.b. This is not a comprehensive list. Additional drills will be added to the workout on an as-needed basis, and in consultation with the 6-4-3 DP Baseball coaching staff.


  • 6-4-3 Single Position Players and P.O.’s: $250*
  • 6-4-3 Position Player “Plus” (e.g. IF and OF): $300*
  • 6-4-3 Two-Way Player (Position and pitcher): $300*
  • Individual session: add $50

 *Non-members of the 6-4-3 DP Baseball academy may use this service for an additional $100, and their video will be listed as “private” on the 6-4-3 YouTube page. They may then distribute the dedicated link to their video as they desire, but it will not be publicly posted with the videos of the 6-4-3 players.