Frequently Asked Questions - 6-4-3's Off-season Thrower Conditioning & Care Program

What is the Program?

The Off-season Thrower Conditioning & Care Program offered by 6-4-3 is designed primarily to improve and maintain the health of throwers and, as a natural by-product of this program, performance and velocity are enhanced as well. The program has been in use for over six years and has had over 3,000 athletes successfully complete the program. During that time, there have been no injuries during the performance of the program and every athlete has seen an improvement in their health, performance and throwing velocity. The program is equally valuable to pitchers, catchers and position players.


This is a science based program designed to improve mobility, stability, flexibility, strength and balance in the upper back, shoulder, rotator cuff and accelerator/decelerator muscle groups. During the performance of the program, the athlete achieves nearly a full body workout with improved rotational strength as well as the opportunity to stabilize aspects of their throwing mechanics.


The program is performed using multiple weighted implements (provided with the program) and is done three times per week over an eight-week period. Each session takes approximately 45 minutes to 60 minutes and is immediately followed by a ten-minute accelerated recovery exercise.


Who is facilitating the program? 

Gene Ross is working with 6-4-3 to provide the program.  Gene possesses over 35 years of experience as a baseball player, coach, trainer and instructor and is an expert in throwing mechanics analysis, injury analysis and prevention, velocity enhancement and arm care.  Gene was a baseball scholarship athlete at the University of Illinois - Champaign/Urbana.  Gene also pitched professionally with the Pittsburg Pirates and Minnesota Twins organizations.  Further, Gene is an experienced and knowledgeable coach and instructor.  Gene is a Certified Pitching Instructor by Complete Athlete/Andrews Institute (Dr. James Andrews, Birmingham, AL), Rod Dedeau Research and Baseball Institute @ The University of Southern California, National Pitching Association and Sports Science and Performance Institute.


When and where will the program take place?

Group training sessions at 6-4-3 will take place in June/July, August and November.  Assessments and initial demonstrations will take place at 6-4-3’s home – Aviation Sports Complex.  If players cannot take advantage of the group training sessions, please call 678.354.3199 for alternate arrangements.


Who is eligible for the program?

The program is available only to athletes ages twelve (12) years and older. Younger athletes have not achieved the physical maturity to benefit from the program without some risk of injury.  Screening will determine availability of program for younger athletes.


How much does the eight (8) week off-season, arm conditioning and care program cost?

6-4-3 team members/players & alums = $495

Other players = $595

All players repeating the program = $300

*City of Marietta discount (inside city limits residents only) = 20% discount and not to be used with any other discount or rate reduction.


How do I get started?

Step 1 – Know that all athletes entering the program will be screened for previous or current throwing arm issues as well as other physical attributes which affect the design of the Program.  Each athlete’s program is designed especially for them to maximize the opportunity for significant results. This is not a “one size fits all” program.


Step 2 – Register by calling the 6-4-3 office at 678.354.3199.


What else should I (or my ball player) know? 

There are no “magic pills” that will help an athlete move closer to reaching his/her maximum potential. Working diligently and putting forth a 100% effort is how this program must be performed to achieve the desired results.  The athlete will get out of this program exactly what he/she puts into the program.


This program is not for the passive athlete. It is for the athlete dedicated to trying to become the best that he/she can be. There are over thirty athletes currently playing professional baseball that have utilized this program and most of them have done it multiple times to continue to improve or maintain their throwing health and velocity.


What happens when I finish the program?

After the completion of the program, each athlete receives a maintenance program to be utilized throughout the season. This program, coupled with intelligent management of pre-game warm up, observing appropriate pitch counts, work load and throwing frequency will help to maintain a thrower’s health throughout a season.